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Permanent Curling

Can be used to change the style , you could have  spiral bouncy curls for example, or if you require some extra lift to your style Root Perming is a great solution to provide lift on shorter hair

Body Perming

Is used to to add body to the hair, great for fine hair

Relaxing and Straightening

We do two different types of permanent straightening, relaxing and Ultra straight, Relaxing, reduces the natural hair curl to a relatively straight appearance, this is much appreciated by clients with problem frizzy hair. One step further is a fantastic straightening process called ultra straight, which is very effective at straightening unruly hair, and will make the hair very straight with the added benefit of reducing the need to use straightening irons.  

If your hair has had any chemical treatments on it at all, then we would need to take a small sample of hair, to carry out a strand test, this would be taken from an unnoticeable area to check the suitability of your hair for the process. Which method of straightening you choose depends on the end result you require, relaxing, reduces the curl, however ultra straight will make the hair very straight.

If you would like to come in and discuss this further, our consultations are free of charge, and if necessary we can take a strand test there and then.

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Semi Permanent Colouring

Generally a semi permanent colour will last from 4 to 8 weeks, used mainly to enhance your natural colour, and to subtly disguise a small percentage of grey hair. It cannot lighten hair, or provide effective cover for larger proportions of grey hair, but is great for effecting a temporary change when you fancy something a bit different. But do not want to change your hair colour permanently.

Permanent Colouring

We use the highest quality professional products, to give you the best choices of hair colour available, please be aware, that all professional hairdressers will require a preliminary appointment to carry out a skin test at least 48 hours prior to your appointment  if you have never had a permanent hair colour before.

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Unfortunately, people occasionally have a hair colouring disaster, either because they have tried a home hair colour, or because a less experienced hairdresser in another salon has attempted something way beyond their expertise - this is where we step in.

Correcting a colouring problem can take several processes and a great deal of time, and is not something to be attempted by a novice hairdresser. Because of this we are unable to give a set price for this procedure, and is why we only quote prices from, All you need to do is come in to the salon for a free consultation, so that we can assess the damage and calculate the correction processes needed to rectify your hair colour, and we will then be able to give you an accurate quotation.

Please don't panic if you find yourself in this situation, we can usually help, but above all don't attempt any more processes on your hair without expert guidance, because the more you do to it, the more we have to do to undo it!

Colour Correction

Please note that for legal reasons we are unable to offer colouring or highlighting services for under 16’s